Tips For Doing The Summer Camps

Posted On April 11, 2016|

If you are an enthusiast of nature and enjoying time in nature away from the hustle and bustle and the madding crowd of the cities, then camping must be a habit. But for those who want to get into the habit of camping, the first few trips can be a bit of a collection of muddling situations that turn you against camping practices. But before you go camping you need to be prepared in order to enjoy the activity and knowing what you are getting into also helps. So here are some methods that you can try out next time to improve your experience.

Night lighting must be at professional level

One of the biggest fears of camping is something like an incident that ‘backcountry’ was based on happening again. So in order to get away from that situation you need to have your campsite lighted properly (and stay in the right route and do not step away from that no matter the situation). Your headlamps will not do and you need to have more than just an LED bulb. Take at least two LED lanterns with you (or the new LED power hub) which put out a lot of light that you can even find the bugs, to help you with mosquito control at night. There are outdoor solar lanterns, twilight strings and plethora of other lighting options available and don’t skive off paying much for lighting because getting one expensive but known to work light can save your life in worst case scenarios.

Take a pillow with you

Sometimes we leave the pillow out since the sleeping bag is getting carried with you and you do not want the hassle of taking another bulky item with you. But there are other options that are built for those who want to take their favourite pillow with them, check this great wasp nest. One of them is the compression sack that can stuff your sleeping bag and a pillow into a tiny bump. Then there’s the sack pillow that is lined with micro fleece which you can use to carry your sleeping bag and then turn it upside down and add extra clothes to make a pillow. You also get ultra-light pillows and the inflatable ones which are made to be really comfortable and some brands have ones designed with memory foam lining and fleece lining. This will aid in your sleeping after mosquito control measures have been taken but the noise still makes you angry.

If you are not a fan of camps and tents then taking an RV for a drive or just take your car and turn it into a campsite and run away car in emergencies since you do not need to use your legs when you have wheels.